Experimental Film Fest 2020 Program

First Name Last Name Project Title Duration
Cara Hagan Monster News Feed 00:02:19
Rohan Bader WESTBOUND / EASTBOUND 00:04:55
Tom Bessoir Digits of Pi 00:03:14
Bosco Cabello Phobos 00:09:09
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster No Personal Checks 00:04:52
Kate Pelling I’m Sorry I Abandoned You 00:02:14
Daniel Criblez The 8ugs R 7ruit 00:06:29
Joshua Tuthill Black Dog 00:15:00
Hanna-Mari Ojala This Empty Space 00:05:50
Marie-Valerie Jeantelot Broken Angel – Sub-bleached 00:03:33
Joseph Culp Sunset Strip Self-Improvement Affirmations 00:13:28
Malic Amalya RUN! 00:11:00
Dick Jordan Imagine This: A Story Told With Sound Effects 00:04:00
DT Kofoed New Year’s Kiss 00:07:06
Scott Turri Solastalgia 00:03:02
Rob Underhill This Was My Son 00:07:30

Intermission: 15:00 minutes

First Name Last Name Project Title Duration
Danielle Smith Elemental Correspondence 00:02:55
Brian Ratigan Unborn Rivers of Sky 00:03:16
Jackson McKeehan Blue, Diane 00:06:56
Isaac Zambra Hipersensoria 00:15:00
Emma Penaz Eisner Beth’s three o’clock with Dr. Harlow 00:02:06
Dexter Marsh-Taylor Not An Orphan 00:11:06
Jim Lively Password Protected 00:04:54
Christian Lauchenauer The dissolution of content 00:05:42
Elaine Artemieff Palinka 00:09:29
Danielle Smith Standard Candles 00:04:17
David Humphreys On the Great Divide 00:08:00
Juli Wright Fade To Color 00:05:35
Tim Massey Don’t Try This At Home 00:06:00
Jordan Ferraro A Necessary Stop 00:06:40
Chen Xiang-Yun Breathed Away 00:01:34
Bonus Film TBA 00:10:30