Experimental Film Fest

Welcome to the Experimental Film Fest homepage. If you’re looking to submit films, please use Film Freeway. We use it exclusively for submission, tickets, and processing.

The festival is currently located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is your haven for art house, avant-garde, experimental, silent, and exploratory films of all kinds. We are excited to see your work and encourage you to push the limits of cinematic media.

We don’t have a venue/location set yet for the 2020 festival, but we will update this site once we do.


Time limit: No restrictions
Genres: All
Licenses, Permits, Permissions, and Clearances are all the responsibility of the filmmaker. If selected for the festival, all music and clips will have to be cleared as original or licensed for use.

The three-day festival features all forms of experimental and exploratory cinematic works.


Festival Winner (1)
Audience Favorite (2)
Finalists (5)